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Safeguarding your values and preserving family performance -
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As a tax consultant and expert advisor for international tax law, I specialize in inheritance and gift tax. My goal is to safeguard your values and preserve your family assets. From many years of experience, I know that these topics in particular require specialists who are intensively familiar with the legal framework.

Through my work you can benefit from considerable tax advantages. I support you not only in estate planning, but also after the inheritance in order to avert the threat of taxation of the assets in a legally secure manner.

However, the greatest scope for structuring your estate lies before the inheritance occurs, which is why I recommend that you contact me at an early stage. After all, it is your assets that are at stake and I will be happy to assist you with my expertise and experience.

Hergen Kassuba

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"From practical experience: in almost half of all cases, inheritance tax could have been inheritance tax could have been avoided."

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